The United States of America is a wonderful place to visit for business, tourism, and some other important reasons such as for medical treatment. People can do this in two ways:

  • Get a B1-visa for business visitors or B2-visa for tourists.
  • Get a travel authorization that comes under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Getting a US visa is quite expensive and it takes a long duration to process, but ESTA is an electronic program that determines the eligibility of a person to travel to the US as part of VWP. It is not a visa and cannot be used instead of a visa, but it is a document for a temporary stay of 90 days in the US and no one can qualify to stay longer than the assigned duration. There are some lesser-known facts about ESTA antrag (application) that an applicant must have to know before applying for ESTA.

  • Do you know that you can add or modify the answers and information freely, but only as long until you have not submitted the fees? Once you pay, you are no longer able to edit the content of the ESTA antrag. That is why it is highly advised to take your time to fill the questionnaire carefully and revise it before proceeding further. is a website that provides you appropriate help and easy to follow instructions to fill ESTA antrag. Plus, it also assures the accuracy of information by checking and correcting the ESTA antrag manually.
  • In case of fixing any mistake after applying, it is necessary to file a new application with a full payment again.
  • The validity period for ESTA authorization is two years from the date you obtained it. During the validity period of two years, you can make maximum trips of a maximum of 90 days for each trip to the USA.
  • For ESTA there is no need for any documents other than a passport. ESTA is an entirely digital program and there is no need to take its print with you during traveling. When your request gets approval the traveling company you are dealing with and the immigration services will be informed automatically about your travel authorization to go to the US.
  • You never get a reason for the refusal of your ESTA antrag in the email sent to you by the US immigration authorities.
  • One reason for ESTA application refusal may be a mistake in fulfilling the primary required conditions for applying authorization for the travel to the US through the ESTA program. These are must be the resident of VWP member countries, having a valid biometric passport, and have a touristic or business aim of the travel, not to search for a job or to study.
  • Another aspect you need to check in case of ESTA application refusal is some kind of sub-reason like incorrect personal information that is not similar to that mentioned in your passport or some sort of serious criminal record.
  • You can reapply or fill a new ESTA application to correct the information, within 10 days from the date of receipt of the reply.
  • To avoid these issues and get approval in your first attempt it is highly advised for the German citizens to apply for ESTA antrag with