Quintana Roo is one of the most wonderful destinations in the Mexican Republic, probably the best place to venture from November to January due to the warm temperatures and the magnificent coasts of the Caribbean Sea. Home to the second-largest border reef, Mexico’s Caribbean coast has a wealth of destinations to see and explore. From visiting ancient Mayan sanctuaries and pyramids, deep-dive experiences in magical cenotes, jumping around in nature’s bars to merely relaxing outside on endless white sand coasts with blue gemstone water at hand, Mexico has much to offer to every type of vacationer – whatever their style.

What do I have to know and do to travel to Tulum?

You will arrive at the Cancun International Airport if you can buy a flight early like 7 am excellent, this way you can make the most of every moment since you are heading to Tulum with a Shuttle From Cancun by eTransfers that is safer for you. You can have very few problems from your departure point or city of origin to Cancun because the schedules are very varied. So before you travel, your cell phone, watches, and laptops must be with the right date and time, we do not want to miss the flight or our booking of Cancun Airport Car rental to move around the city.


Change your dollars before traveling to Tulum. Something important you have to know is that a U.S. dollar is 19 Mexican pesos at the moment. Still, in many shops or restaurants, when paying with dollars, your currency drops from 19 pesos to 10 pesos, almost half! So before leaving your country or arriving in Cancun, try to change your foreign currencies with Mexican pesos.

Driving from Cancun to Tulum will probably take you about 2 hours, so be prepared, unless you are one of those peoplewho prefer to travel in Cancun to Tulum shuttle vans and buy some snacks and drinks to spend the road distracted. However, if I’m honest, the hours will fly by from the excitement of reaching a paradise as incredible as Tulum.

The first place you have to visit if you go to Tulum is the rental of the week in Saasil. It is a lovely place! The staff is undoubtedly the best to help you with any questions you may have. Each room has its secret wifi key and its private pool on the lawn of each unit. In case all this is not enough, there is also a net pool, bike rental and a smaller than expected library so you can get abandoned books from previous travelers, I have no doubt you will love staying at this beautiful place.

La Zebra is a restaurant where you have to eat breakfast. Everything they sell for lunch here is fantastic! The view is also great, and you can quickly go to the beach to enjoy what’s left of the morning in what you plan to spend the afternoon.

In the afternoon you can rent some bikes or drive around a beautiful place.

During the night you can visit CoCo Tulum to have a few drinks and rest by the sea. Coco Tulum can be your favorite bar during your visit to Tulum.

After catching up on some zzz’s and filling up on delicious mixed drinks, you can visit a couple of other places in Tulum: Papaya Playa + Posada Margherita, these two will surely delight you.

Gitano Tulum is a place where you can spend a fantastic night of partying completely. If you visit Tulum with your friends or alone, no doubt, this is the ideal place to meet and enjoy the party and company of some unknown, where perhaps you go out with a friend or two that will last you a long time!

Finally, and most importantly, visit the ruins of Tulum! You will love the wonderful history of the site and all the activities you can have here, such as train ride, swim in a beach paradise, view of the ancient fortress of Tulum, and even rest on the benches under the giant trees of the site. Tulum is a place you will not want to miss at all.