Safety is always a priority, and when you are chasing the sea waves for enjoyment, it’s more important to follow the safety protocols. When moving out for sea surfing, you must ensure the safety checklist is followed correctly, and everything is on track.

So, here we are, providing you with the safety checklist that must be followed by hook or crook without any delay.

Follow Weather Forecasting:

Before you hit the sea, it’s important to note the weather forecast and avoid surfing in case of any alert. Weather forecasting is available on various new channels and third-party websites as well. It will help you avoid any mishappening and reschedule your surfing for a day with bright weather. Neglecting the weather forecast is equivalent to moving into the sea centre even when you know the end results.

Wear Proper Gear:

Complete gear includes a swimsuit, safety jacket, safety footwear, hat/helmet, etc., that is beneficial to protect you in case of an accident. You can either own it on the lease or purchase it online. Remember, quality gear is always recommended to protect you well, compared to local or cheap gears.

Choose Good Quality Pump:

Right air filling is essential in your paddleboard to avoid over-inflation and protect it from damages. A multi-featured electric pump with integrated pressure gauge, auto switch-off sensors, deflate feature, etc., is good to buy over other standard inflators. When purchasing, you must consider these features to ensure no additional manpower is required to take care of your paddleboard.

When it comes to brand, Outdoormaster is a popular name. The company offers a wide range of outdoor accessories that are helpful in adventure activities. You can choose the brand with assures of durability, strength, and longevity.

Carry First Aid Kit:

Yes, without a first aid kit, it foolishness to move out for any adventure. A first aid kit is a basic necessity that is always required in case of an emergency. You must have a first aid kit in your outing bag that includes plasters, sterile gauze dressings, triangular bandagescrêpe rolled bandages, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, tweezers, etc. With these items in your first aid kit, you are good to go out surfing and enjoy a stand-up paddleboard.

Use Sun Protection:

SUP board surfing is highly considered during the summer, and that’s the time when your skin gets damaged by extensive UV rays. Hence, it would be best if you carried a UV protection cream. SPF is the standard that can help you find the right sunscreen for summer. SPF 30 is the commonly used sunscreen that people opt for skin protection. However, it entirely depends upon your location. Placed with heavy sunlight during summer require a high SPF-value sunscreen for complete protection.

Surfing with a sup board has its unique following, but still, people skip to follow the safety protocols and get prey to mishappenings. In some cases, it leads to death. Hence it’s essential to follow the safety checklist mentioned above and ensure complete safety throughout the adventure and enjoyment.