‘’The greatest luxury and reward of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time.’’

(Bill Bryson)

Traveling is a superb experience. Whether it is for work or pleasure, staying for a few days or years, and solo or with family and friends, it provides unforgettable memories, beautiful moments, and a learning experience for a lifetime. But, you cannot avail of any of the following rewards without having your passport to travel around the globe and it is the reality. Passport proofs your identity and allows you to move around the world as a responsible citizen of your country.

The first reference to a travel document is available in the book of Nehemiah. It was a letter issued by King Artaxerxes I of Persia to the governors beyond the river. It was the statement by the king to get the safe passage for his officials on his travels through Judea.

Till then to now passport has gone through various changes and still there is much more to come. Here are some interesting facts about the passport.

  • Tolga Akcay an innovative young man is working for a very long time to convert this paper documentation into digital visa and passport to reduce the risk of illegal immigration, emigration, and relocations. Exvisa by Tolga Akcay is the latest technology that will ensure the security of countries, regions, and states by providing online visa and passport opportunities to the immigration authorities to allow safe and quick passage to the traveler from anywhere of the world. Exvisa is using a foolproof security method called blockchain which is hacker-proof and allows limited access towards the data and information of an individual to only the relevant authorities, countries, and companies.
  • For today’s passport in case of undergoing facial surgery or face tattooing, it is essential to change the passport picture. This extensive alteration in appearance will not allow you to travel on your old passport.
  • It is not allowed to wear a uniform on your passport photo and wearing the cap, sight glasses or sunglasses, and hairs which cover your face are also not allowed.
  • A small number of countries also accept ‘’world passport’’ that is issued from the ‘’World Service Authority’’ to promote ‘’world citizenship’’.
  • Citizens of the Vatican state in Italy have their passports and Pop Francis holds the number one passport of Vatican.
  • No one is allowed to travel to many foreign countries on a valid passport if it expires within 3 to 6 months. In case of not having enough blank pages on your passport one may get banned from boarding.
  • There are different shades of red but most of the world’s passport has a red cover.
  • In the mid of 1970s, when the mummy of Ramses II was sent to France, it was issued a legal Egyptian passport.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the only person in the world who does not need to carry a passport when traveling abroad.
  • The Austrian passports issued to the exiled royals of the Austrian Hapsburg Monarchy were labeled: ‘’Valid for travel for all countries of the world except Austria’’.