Italy is known for the breathtaking landscapes it has to offer. Its typical Mediterranean and Alpine atmosphere coupled with the fact that it offers one of the most incredible cuisines in the world are just some of the things that attract a huge number of tourists every year. This country is also special for the large number of beautiful lakes that people have admired since the time of the Roman Empire. Let’s see three of the best: Lake Orta, Lake Lugano and Lake Como.


The Beautiful Lake Orta is among the most characteristic in Italy. Although little named, this is perhaps the nicest and most particular we have in our country. Located about an hour from Milan, this hidden gem is still a bit of a secret, often described as silent “and” mysterious “, which is precisely its greatest advantage. Crowds are rare here and the entire lake with its sleepy medieval towns and fortresses, charming villages, colorful square and beautiful island of San Giulio in the middle of the lake brings peace and serenity. The island can be reached by boat and can be covered in 40 minutes. In addition to this, some of the places to visit are the Sacro Monte (UNESCO), the Torre del Buccione, the Church of the Assumption and the Town Hall. If you’re looking for activity, trekking and hiking in the nearby mountains are popular things to do, and the views awaiting you at the top are simply mesmerizing.


Halfway (it marks a natural border) between Italy and Switzerland, Lake Lugano is perhaps the most picturesque place they boast, but also with a charming Italian atmosphere. Although it is not the only lake in the Ticino region, this breathtaking natural beauty became a favorite destination for tourists a long time ago. The crystal clear lake is surrounded by the picturesque mountains, offering a variety of activities and experiences. Enjoy relaxing strolls through the area’s beautiful green parks and gardens.


A few hours from Milan there is probably one of the most famous lakes in the world, Lake Como. This wonderful and mystical lake is definitely something to see, as it always seems to have been a destination for the rich and famous. Lake Como is a concentration of landscaped towns and villages of a certain thickness. Think for example Bellagio with a coast of a certain thickness, and small boats framed by cypresses and beautiful flowers. Of course, we are not only talking about luxury and beautiful scenery, but also offers a great variety of water sports.