The bustling Jersey City offers a lot of treats to tourists, which can be experienced even with small budgets.

Jersey City is a bustling place considered as the second largest city in the state of New Jersey. It is ideally set along a peninsula that is bounded by the Hudson River, Manhattan Hoboken, Bayonne and the Hackensack River.

There are many railroads that crisscross the city which reflect its glorious past. It was once a booming town where many factories and immigrants take refuge. But there came a time when it experienced problems of poverty and crime, which was slowly erased after neighboring New York City, flourished in the 1990s. Development rocketed, corporate offices were built, residential homes were sold out and tourists started coming in.

Due to New York City’s significant impact, the city now plays host to numerous hotels, shopping areas and tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by many for reasonable rates.

City Highlight

Tourists can choose from a long line of attractions and places to stay in Jersey City. Attractions require small entrance fees but most can be enjoyed for free. The city also plays host to a number of favorable accommodations that charge reasonably.

Getting Around

One good way to save while enjoying the sights of Jersey City is to know the different transport options. The best way to navigate the busy streets especially for tourists is by taking light rail or PATH. Most of the major districts where most attractions are located are serviced by these forms of transport.

Busses are cheap, but the heavy traffic can be a source of problem. Another problem is that the routes and schedules of these are unclear even to locals. It is better to take the dollar van, which actually costs around 1.5 dollars which passes by along major streets in a 5-minute interval during the day. Taxis on the other hand are very limited and quite expensive so this should be avoided by budget travellers.

For those who want to see the landmarks within the downtown area, walking can be a good thing to do since the sights to see are placed within steps from each other. It is also a good way to discover some of the best kept secrets of Jersey City.

Last option is by riding a zip car. It’s good for those who want to visit the downtown area since most of its routes are located within. Tourists just need to take note that availability is not certain during weekends. provides all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning and redefines the booking and travel planning experience for today’s travelers.

Budget-Friendly Things to Do and See in Jersey City

Most attractions within the city can be enjoyed for free or for a very small fee. Tourists can visit various landmarks like the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse, Jersey City Hall, Justice William Brennan House, Colgate Clock and the Liberty State Park.

A walk along the Hudson River is also a treat since it offers breathtaking views of New York City and Manhattan. There is a waterfront pier close from one of the PATH stations where tourists can witness locals playing chess, fishing, or taking pictures.

Another must-do is to take a ferry to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. This will not cost much but offers great rewards for.

There are also tons of inexpensive foods offered by cozy restaurants within the city. Most offer delicious and satisfying treats for less than 10 dollars. The specialties of Pizza Alla Gargiulo, El Sason de Las Americas, Isabella’s Café, Fiesta Grill and Dosa Hut which offer Indian, Filipino, Mexican, American and international dishes are all worth a try.

Lastly, it is best to know where to stay that offers budget-friendly rates. Favorite ones include the Holland Motor Lodge which is steps away from a PATH station and the Ramada Limited Jersey City which is within the downtown area and steps from Journal Square.